The US doesn’t have a lock on horrible traffic. I grew up around Toronto and it’s gridlocked constantly now. Many years back, I went with some friends to the lakefront to watch Canada Day fireworks (like the 4th of July, but 4 days earlier). On the way there, we saw people parked ON THE SHOULDER OF THE FREEWAY which runs by the lake. I was compelled by their brazenness, which in hindsight was to be able to drive off the second the fireworks ended. Dear Kristen, we rookies did not take this path. No, we parked like good citizens and walked down to the lake.

After the fireworks, we made our way back to my car and proceeded to be stuck in traffic for 3 hours. Not just stuck on the freeway, oh no. Literally every side street and pathway out of this 2-mile radius area was jam-packed with cars trying to escape. We were sitting on city streets, advancing one car length at a time (if we were lucky) every minute. I was supposed to be heading home to my parents place, but that is an our outside the city, and at 1am I was in no shape for an extra hour’s drive so I crashed at my friend’s place.

Basically my rule is now that on national holidays, do NOT go to the places everyone else is going to.