It was late August, 2011. My girlfriend and I had left the NY State Fair in Syracuse to return to our apartment north of NYC. The standard route: 90 to 87. Easy trip, takes about 2.5-3 hours on any day. But not this day.

This was the day Hurricane Irene decided that upstate/central New York really needed some watering. She had already made landfall at Coney Island and did her best to reduce it to back when Native Americans lived there.

We left our friend’s apartment on Sunday, heading out at about 11AM. We started to see trouble about 40 miles outside Syracuse. Traffic got heavy, then really heavy, then stopped. Turns out all this water had flooded the NY Thruway (90) with about 6 feet of water. We sat for about 4 hours, until we started to see some movement. Some county roads north of the Thruway were open. So all of the traffic moved from the Thruway to a two lane rural road.

This continued for about 9 more hours of stop/go in my 2004 Jetta 2.slow manual. Taught me about proper clutch usage in traffic. We made it back at about 1AM that night.

TL/DR: 3 hour trip took 13 hours because hurricanes suck, especially when highways are built next to canals/rivers