I also love the temp gauge in the overhead console on my 05 Caravan. I miss it in every other car I drive.

And the cargo net between the front seats.

The under-passenger-seat drawer is missing from my current Caravans because they are power seats. That was very handy. My 2012 has two glove boxes to partially make up for it.

I like be behind-the-wheel audio controls on all my Caravans (and on most Chrysler products, I assume). Seems smart to separate them from the stuff on the front.

I like the Toyota cruise control stalk. Really falls to hand for me.

I don’t have a charging pad for my phone in any car ... but I’d love to have that along with bluetooth connectivity for Android Auto. In my dream world my phone would slide into a slot in the dash that will charge it and connect it as the primary phone wirelessly. GM has it just about right ... just not location. Would be cool if it was also the proximity key for the car.

I like having clearly labelled power ports ... always-on and ignition-on.

I think placement of power ports is pretty much an afterthought in most cars.

I loved having both knobs of the radio on the near side of the radio as in my 1971 Plymouth Fury III. (But then, who needs knobs. Besides me.)

I love those little pinhole led spot lights in some cars that you don’t even realize are on until you need to find something or read something in a otherwise dark vehicle.