In no real order and with an estimation on time to fulfillment:

1. Buy a motorcycle with the intention of using it regularly. (Soon. Very soon.)

2. Coast-to-coast, and lots in between, road trip. (Year or two?)

3. Re-refurbish my uncle’s currently non-running (again) Spitfire; maybe update to street-legal vintage racer. (Year or two given funding to get back on the road, running project after.)

4. Own a Porsche, likewise with intention of using it regularly. (Not too far off! Not unreasonable! Thinking 944, Boxster, realm-of-reality models. Depends a lot on work and, um, baby situation?)

5. Compete in some sort of sanctioned race and not embarrass myself terribly this time. (Sometime after either of the above and/or when other appropriate ride is acquired.)

6. Own something with Weber carburetors. (Couple years at least, bit vague about how this happens. Maybe on the Spitfire?)

7. Build a Caterham. (As above, starting to get into maybe/maybe not territory.)

8. Attend Le Mans. Totally want to get to an F1 race at some point, sure, but Le Mans just seems like more of a expedition/pilgrimage. (< 10 years.)

9. Own a Ferrari. (Open-ended, market dependent.)

10. Teach child to rebuild Weber carburetors. (See note on number 4.)

Lots more besides, but these are the big ones.