Oh boy, this is my day.

(Cracks knuckles, loosens shoulders, rolls up sleeves)

Start with a stock Crown Vic (white of course). Strip it down to the frame and chassis, stiffen both to within an inch of their miserable lives with titanium reinforcements.

Add height and stiffness adjustable suspension and the biggest brakes you can fit under a 16 inch steely.

Trash the engine and add in a 2jz-gte hooked up to a six speed ZF manual with the tallest gears the engine can pull. Put a better driveshaft into a good LSD out back.

Strip the interior and replace the seats with the lightweight ones from a Mustang (I understand they bolt right in).

Replace frame and body panels.

Take to that road Koenigsegg used or Bonneville to do top speed runs for days.

Or outrun police helicopters down the highway, you know, whatever.