1996 Buick Roadmaster wagon. No, not sedan. Wagon.

17x7.5's up front, 17x9's out back. Ohlins suspension at all four corners with about a 1.25" lowering. Fully independent rear axle. Double frame ladders to stiffen it up further. Retrofit late-model W body automatic climate control, heated buckets, and wheel. Retrofit the ‘05 Monsoon system. Properly delete ELC. 3.0something rear gears.

But the real magic is saved for the engine bay. Oh yes. Sure, I could just drop an LT4 C&C in it. But where’s the fun in that? The supercharger whine and loud exhaust will give it away, and this is a sleeper. Nope, we’re gonna need an LS376/525 crate. And wouldn’t you know it, the LS376 looks exactly like the stock block aside from coil on plug! So you’re damn right the big plastic cover stays on, as does the intake setup.

Now all we have to do is play with the 4L80E, torque converter, and work some magic. High idle? No, no, that gives away the game. 1100RPM stall thank you very much. 1100RPM stall with a 10,000RPM redline. Then we breathe some (a lot) on the engine. Shorty 4-2-1's because manifolds are too much of a pain in the ass. Complete rebalance for 9500 with a reground cam to narrow the loping, back cut the valves, and bump the compression ratio too. Then go back through and quiet it all down in the exhaust system with a baffle that opens at WOT.