I love your C-Class idea! Here’s mine.

RB26 Swapped 1997-2001 Q45. Manual transmission. Lowered just slightly, big brakes and wheels but nothing aesthetically obvious on the outside. Four door cruiser with a fat single turbo setup under the hood.

I know a 2JZ is usually the preferred I6 swap but that’s precisely why I would rather go RB. Its very rare, plus its still a part of the same family. The biggest hurdle for the entire build would be converting the car to manual. Not once has the Nissan Cima (Japanese version) come with a factory manual since its inception in the late 80's. There’s a few options as far as transmissions go. 300zx, the RB25 transmission or even an R154 with a modified bell housing could work.

I can’t find any pictures that resemble what I want but this is the closest. Change the wheels to something else (Work Miesters, SSR Agle Struss) and paint it black with a (this part is still undecided) purple metallic flake.