Disclaimer: I suck at movie reviews. I also adore NFS: The Run, especially the story. 

There is so much wrong and weird with this movie. The awful fake supercars. Why does Pete’s Agera suddenly go flying up into the air? Wooden acting and overall dumb logic.

But I adore this movie. Scott Waugh knows how to direct an exciting car chase. I feel so pumped watching that final race, despite it’s many flaws. Seeing all the supercars get driven to their limits, while cops are after their ass. If the movie was realistic, they’d all lose control in 5 minutes. The car choice is peculiar but good. I love how instead of some generic 458 or an Aventador, there’s a GTA Spano, some supercar nobody has heard of. An underdog I guess. And the S7 hasn’t been in the public eye since it was the fastest car in the world for 5 minutes.

Also the beginning race was fantastic. No music, no cops, no crashes, just pure driving over the soundtrack of Torinos and GTOs. It felt gritty and real, and feels like a race like that could actually happen in the real world.

I think it captures the feeling of a video game great. Unrealistic takedowns, explosions and expensive cars, all to excite the audience. It’s not meant to be realistic, just a fantasy world where you can takeout a P1 at 200mph.