I really miss refueling in F1 and would really like to see it comeback. I hate that the rules now ban it. It added another layer of strategy to both the race and to qualifying. Giving how boring this years season has been it would definitely have spiced things up a bit.

For instance, is this car on pole (or qualifying higher) because its got a light fuel load? This car is in front, but how many laps can he do before he needs to pit?

Right now drivers stay out they on desegregating tyres to optimism one stop strategies almost every race. Makes for boring races as drivers can’t fight in order to protect the tires. If they had to come in anyway to refuel, and we had two or three stop strategies as a viable option, races would be a lot more different.

Plus as a spectator it adds an element of unknown so at least if its a parade, you dont know how long they can keep parading around for.