Joker Laps - Maybe it makes sense in Rallycross, but joker laps are also used in the WTCR and Argentine TC2000, Ciruit racing series should not use joker laps

BTCC Reverse Grid - The BTCC has 3 races per weekend the grid for the first race set by qualifying, the grid for the 2nd by the results of race 1. Race 3 uses a reverse grid, nothing unusual about that plenty of series do it. the way the BTCC does it is that their is a bowl containing the numbers 6 -12, somenone picks a number from this bowl and this number corresponds to how many cars will be reversed on the grid. so if number 8 is picked the person who finished 8th in race 2 will start from pole in race three.

The reason that this exits when this format started back in 2004 they would just reverse the top 10 however you would often get drivers deliberately slowing down trying to finish 10th so they could get pole. So to stop this they introduced the random reverse grid, where as many championships just reverse the qualifying results.