Oldsmobile Achieva SCX W-41 Coupe (bonus Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais 442 W-40/41)

It was this weird glimpse of GM using it’s old performance code language from the 60s/70s while at the same time making some quasi-”import” fighter/amateur stock race car. Quad4 inline engine 4 (Cylinder Engine) 4 (Valves per Cylinder) 2 (Camshafts) that ran a “hot” cam. 2.3l DOHC 16V 185-190HP 160TQ (7200 Redline), attached to a Getrag 5-speed transaxle plus computer-controlled struts, thicker sway bars and other suspension changes. It’s a GM Prelude!

Yes, it’s GMs infamous rubber/plastic for daaaaaays, had enough NVH to shake out your fillings, and it was heavier than the more spry Integra or Celica, and even the Honda ‘lude was about 100lb lighter. But I still irrationally pine for one... it’s the GM that gave us the Fiero GT, Grand National/GNX, Syclone/Typhoon... these glimpses that the Engineers truly did give a damn even if the bean counters were in charge.