Tying this and the I hate trucks post together:

99-02 Silverado. I bought a 99 in 04 with 60k on it. 1/2 ton, 4WD, Z71, ext cab short box with the 5.3L. Driveline was bulletproof. Got rid of it 2 years ago because of frame rot (yay salty roads). What did I get after it? Bought the identical truck but an 02 from a friend with 160k on it for $3500. as a 3" lift on 33's. Body has been done once already (rocker panels, fenders, etc) and I’m already just a hair under 190k on it. Same drive train, same bulletproof 5.3L.

It sucks as a DD. Bumps suck, steering sucks. But I have two 10" subs under the back seat that makes it worth it. Plus I love sitting up high and that 5.3L sounds awesome with the Flowmaster on it. For an 02 it’s in really nice shape (as far as New England trucks go). The gas mileage sucks (averaging 12.5 combined) but I still have a love/hate relationship with it.

Met my now wife in my 99 and she was more upset to see it go than I was. Raised all of our kids so far with these two trucks (and now my wife’s Yukon). I know it inside and out. I know every sound it makes, I know how it’s going to behave. I took my 99 off road places it should have never been and it handled it fine (albeit with some body scars). Neither of these trucks have let me down mechanically in a major way (typical high mileage things like wheel bearings, tie rod ends, u-joints, etc). Trans is solid, engine is solid. I know it’ll never strand me.

I want something newer but it’s paid for and has never let me down.

Green was my 99 and the blue is my 02. I really miss that color green that my 99 had. I’ve only ever seen one other truck in that same green.