July of 1988, my family & I were watching “thunderboat” (jet and piston powered hydroplane) races on the Ohio River in Madison, Indiana.

My dad was there because his employer, Proctor and Gamble, was a title sponsor and my dad was volun-told to represent the company. So we got to meet the drivers, do the hospitality tent thing, etc.

I was begging my dad to let me get the driver of the “Mr. Pringles” hydroplane (Scott Pierce) autograph. Dad responded by saying (paraphrased) “he’s just some Joe Blow, don’t waste your time.”

Well, it came to pass that during one of the meet & greets, my parents left me to my own devices, so I seized the opportunity to escape and get an autograph. I stood in line, patiently, with my Mr. Pringle’s hat, waiting for the chance to meet the hero who could tame such a magnificent beast.

When it was my turn, Scott Pierce made small talk and eventually said something like “hello there young man, do you know who I am?” to which I replied confidently and in my loudest 7 year old voice “my dad says your name is Joe Blow...”.

My more-than-slightly embarrassed dad had to swoop in and do some damage control. Being 7, I didn’t fully understand why what I’d said was so funny. It took another 13 years before I finally got it.

I recall Mr. Pierce was a great sport about it. And I still have the autographed Mr. Pringles hat.