2012. The last year that Audi R18s raced at Sebring in anger.

Standing on the MOBIL ONE bridge before turn 6. The first time a prototype passed and lifted the floor UP.

When was the last time you felt the floor push UP against your feet?

Then as we sat in the grass, debriefing what we just felt with the kids, I went though the chain of events to cause unnatural sensation.

A few feet below us, a turbo charger was screaming at 150,000, maybe 200,000 rpm to shove air through an airbox and into a cylinder.

With a squirt of diesel, when that piston lit, all by itself, it was making about 90 horsepower and it had five other sister pistons doing the same.

Those pistons gave their energy to a set of gear that eventually fed it to the tire,

The tire, was twisting on the bead from the power, yet transfering enough of that energy to push the car at 150mph+ entering the braking zone of turn 7.

That 150mph was pushing a wastefully shaped car through the air, push against the blade of that wing, to wastefully shove air up for the purpose of pushing the car down. Wastefully pushing air against the bottom of the bridge, causing it to flex. Lifting what I would estimate to be a 15,000 pound bridge plus us and the other 30 or so people an inch or so in the higher and then sink back down.

That screaming turbo charger had a lot of work to do.

Racing is the best.