In 1982 we lived in Northern Indiana. My brother had a friend who was an exchange student from Japan, who wanted to see the race in person. So at 2am the day of the race, we piled into an ‘81 Chevette and made our way to the track. We were sitting in line blocks away from the track when we heard the cannon at 6am, time for the gates to open. It was a great day of watching fast cars, eating sandwiches my mom made for us, drinking many different flavors of pop (and not drinking after my brother, who always backwashed). I did rip my pants down the middle of my ass, but I was 12, and didn’t care.

We didn’t get to see what was the closest finish in Indy history from our vantage point, but since it never aired live on TV back then, we had plenty of time to drive back and see it. Since I was 12, and my day started at 2am, however, I missed the end again, as I was fast asleep. What I wouldn’t give to have YouTube in ‘82.