1999 Win-River 150 at Shasta Speedway. It was the greatest single drive I’ve ever witnessed live. My driver, Randy Olson had the fastest car in that race. He took the lead just past halfway and was holding it down. There was a huge wreck on the front stretch going into the first turn and the red flag came out. Coming to the red flag off turn four while slowing down, Randy was hit and spun from behind. For those who may not be familiar, when the red flag is out, the scoring reverts to the previous lap in short track racing. In other words, Randy should have kept the lead. Instead, he was dropped back to being the last car on the lead lap.

The next 50 or so laps featured some of the greatest racing I’ve seen a single driver do and the hardest I’ve seen someone race. He had to go through the field and use up his tires getting back to the front. He methodically passed each car clean. Of course the lead lap cars were much harder to get around because they were more competitive. Randy finally got to second in the last 20 laps or so but it was obvious that he used up his car and tires to get there. He ended up finishing second that day.

That race is something that I will never forget or ever get over. I will always feel like the track officials screwed up by taking Randy out of the lead. He had nothing to do with the initial incident, recognized that there was a red flag but was spun from behind. He should have been able to keep his position but it is what it is. At least I got to see something that I will remember for the rest of my life.