June 1966. My 14th birthday was coming up. My day told me to get ready for a trip. Mom has packed some food for us. We drove to the Army post and border a Special Sevices bus with a group of GI’s.

Aafter a long 3 hour trip, we arrived at a race circuit which happened to be where the Le Mans 24 hours was being held. This was the first auto race I was to attend and it was a historic one in US racing history. I didn’t know what was going on as I’d only listened to the Indy 500 on the radio.

We were situated at the turn right after the start straight. 4pm and there was a huge roar of engines firing up and a flock of cars came roaring up led by a sil as and black LOUD car(Graham Hill in a Mk2 Ford).

I Sat by the fence marveling at the different cars. The shrieking red cars, the buzzy little cars and this odd bellowing white car with a scoop on it’s roof and 2 side windows.

I stayed there and ate my supper my mom had prepared until my dad said it was time to go to the bus to sleep.

I watched the race some more during the day and got caught I the rain at the end of the race.

2 things I brought home from the race; sniffles and a love for the Ford GT40 Mk2 which had become my favorite race car to this day. Oh, a life time gratitude to my father for awakening a love of car racing to this day. Thanks dad!