Giant diameter wheels and ultra wide, ultra low profile tires on electric, hybrid, and high fuel economy cars. Carmaker, you have added 15-20 pounds of useless unsprung weight to each corner of the vehicle, doubled the road friction, and made every single crack in the pavement feel like a pothole. And for what, these things are going to do 35 MPH in bumper to bumper traffic, to and from a 9-5 job.

Ridiculous damper rates on commuter cars. This was the old trick for autocross because the stock class rule allows any damper, but only the original spring, so everyone went out and welded up the stiffest damper available that would fit into an OEM housing (and then bought a trailer to carry their “stock” car too and from parking lot race events. Then Lotus made this their trademark handling setup, soft springs, maximum body roll, and every bump in the road feels like someone is beating you in the shins with a baseball bat. And Hyundai adopted this as their standard suspension. It’s an old woman sedan. There is no such thing as the “sport version” of an Elantra or a Sonata. There is nothing “sporty” about it. It should ride like a bucket of slop, not worse than my dang race car.