SUVs of course. The fact that they’re terrible gas-guzzling dangerous garbage, while it is the reason why I wouldn’t want to own one, is not my objection to somebody crazy enough to want a crappy car like that having one for himself.

No, my objection is truck butt. This is the dismal phenomenon that you experience when you’re out on a multi-lane road, and one of these ugly fucking garbage scows waddles in front of you. Before, facing forward, you could see the car ahead of you and also the other cars ahead and to the side of him and the road and the trees and the billboards and the blue sky. You can see traffic slowing down and speeding up ahead, and adjust your speed accordingly, e.g. you see brake lights a few cars ahead and ease off the gas.

But then Mr. SUV gets in front of you, and your entire forward field of view, from horizon to horizon, is blocked by his obnoxious truck’s disgusting truck butt. His windows, even if they aren’t tinted opaque, are too high to see through his car to brake lights in the traffic ahead. Instantly he has turned a pleasant drive enjoying the scenery into nothing else but a minute examination of the rear end of his shitty bloated vehicle. It’s just pure selfishness.