We all know someone who doesn’t know anything about anything, but wants you to think they know everything about everything. I had one of those in my ‘93 MR2 one day. He knew next to nothing about cars, but couldn’t stand being told anything without pretending that he already knew it.

So I started quietly pulling the brights lever every time I braked to make the headlights pop up. I’d then drop them back down when I stopped braking.

He watched this 4 or 5 times and I could see the gears of confusion turning in his head. He finally commented that they looked cool.

“Yeah, they’re aero-brakes. Triggered by the brake pedal. Helps you slow down faster when you’re racing.”

“Yeah I knew your car had ‘em but I didn’t know if they’d still work!”

He then went around telling a bunch of other people (who then came back to me laughing about it) about how sweet the MR2 is ‘cause it has aerobrakes that pop up just like spoilers on a jet. I finally told him a year or two later that I’d BSed him. The look on his face was priceless.