Back when I was still on the sales floor we’d do “training walkarounds” of the new cars once a week. This was to familiarize the salesmen with the vehicles- our team was a mix of new guys who just didn’t know anything and old-school car salesmen who didn’t give two shits about anything but their paycheck and didn’t bother learning about the cars.

I used to throw in some spectacular bullshit because I’m a dick and I was bored out of my mind. A couple of my favorites that people actually believed (until I told them it was BS):

  1. The viscous coupling was invented by Johannes Viscous, a German engineer who worked for BMW in the 1960s.
  2. Tinted windows improve gas mileage- dark colors absorb sunlight which makes them warm, the warmth of the black windows heats the air around the car, warm air is less dense than cool air, therefore the tinted windows create a pocket of less-dense warm air around the car, decreasing wind resistance and improving gas mileage.