That’s a nice price if that’s how much the owner is giving me to take it off his hands.

I used to work on Rovers back in the day. We called these Freeloaders.

Name any part. It will fail. How about the window regulator for the tail door? That’ll cost you more than a head gasket on a Corolla, especially when it breaks the glass at the same time.

Or the thermostat. Which is shitty plastic and connected to a couple of shitty plastic pipes. All mounted in the valley. These will inevitably fail and if you don’t catch them in time you will need a new engine.

Thinking of servicing your transmission? Don’t. You might pull that drain plug only to find out it isn’t a drain plug at all but actually the bolt that holds the reverse band in place so now your reverse doesn’t work anymore and you need a new transmission.

I would also bet the timing belt has never been done. You can look up the procedure if you want. But that won’t prepare you for how much of a pain in the ass it is.