I personally use Japanese “omamori” bought from the Munakata Taisha in Fukuoka Prefecture, which is “specialized” in road safety. I have two of those hung to my windshield and a third one from my previous car in my glovebox (you’re supposed to renew them everytime you change your car).

I know they’re supposedly used to protect you from accidents, but I like imagine their power extend way beyond that. Like when some kid tried to steal the hood ornament on my Mercedes but somehow gave up halfway through. My guess is that he was slayed on the spot when he tried to do it.

There was also one morning when I found a feather on the roof of my car and, I kid you not, a dead bird was on the road next to it ... Looks like someone wanted to drop some ballast on the wrong car ... You just don’t mess with the Kami.

Great powers come in small charms :