Lots (though some are more OCD habits than superstitions, I suppose):

  • After a long drive I thank my car for having been a good companion and give it a tap on the roof.
  • I never put anything (cruise control, volume, AC temperature) on odd numbers.
  • I always press the lock button on the key twice, to make sure it’s really locked (I might even pull the handles to check).
  • I keep the air vents aligned properly so the air doesn’t feel confused.
  • I try to park in reverse whenever parking in a T-formation, so I can get out even if visibility might be compromised when I come back.
  • Whenever I get into a new car, I scroll through every single page on all menus to make sure I have at least once seen all settings, in case I should need one in an emergency.
  • Before long drives I look underneath the car to see anything suspicious.