Anytime I buy a new (or used) car and am driving it away from the seller, I have this inexplicable insistence on taking it through a fast-food drive thru during that first drive of it being my car. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Taco Bell, Burger King, etc. It doesn’t matter whether I’m legitimately even hungry or not.

It’s completely irrational and not even necessarily enjoyable, especially if I have my kids with me, because I hand them their fries or whatever with a strong verbal admonition to not make a mess in Dad’s new car, while further stressing myself out about not doing the exact same thing.

And yet I insist that this rite has to happen. This is simply the way, in my head, that I mark this car as being mine now. And if I cannot do it for some reason, then I feel uneasy with the car until such time as I can, in fact, pull up to the window.