My favourite is that Bunkie Knudsen set out to kill Ford for GM. After becoming CEO of GM in the mid ‘60s and bringing them into utter domination for all segments, he suddenly decides to quit and go to his company’s rival. He’s the one behind all the bad decisions at Ford that nearly killed them and prompted the hasty and ill-planned development of not only the Mustang II, but also the Ghia/Granada and Fairmont as last ditch efforts. Among his infamously bad decisions are the 1970 Thunderbird, the ‘71 Mustang, meddling with the L-series trucks in development, and the decision to cannibalize segments with the Maverick and Gran Torino. His fighting with Iacocca stopped everything and he got booted out before he could deal the fatal blow, but he hoped it was enough to tank them. Then 1973 happened and Ford caught equal ground with GM and almost entirely negated Bunkie’s sabotage.