In 1913, Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine, went missing in the North Sea from the steamer the SS Dresden that had departed from Antwerp. Diesel had refused to license the exclusive use of the diesel to the German government and was in talks to supply the technology to the British for submarines. Ten days after he went missing from his unslept-in cabin his body was found, evidence of his identity retrieved, and the badly decomposed body thrown back into the sea. Before Diesel went to Antwerp he left his wife a bag with instructions not to open the bag until the following week. In the bag were Deutschemarks worth the current equivalent of $1.2 million USD. Theories abound- The German government is an obvious suspect. Another theory pins it on the Standard Oil company that was terrified of an engine that could run on vegetable oil. The best theory is that Volkswagen has a secret time machine they’ve been working on for decades. In 2017, after the emission scandal broke, VW sent an agent back in time to throw Diesel off the steamer in hopes the diesel engine would die with him and VW would avoid going down the diesel path to all those fines.