That is a good looking car.

You know what looks even better? Buttons.

You heard me. Buttons, knobs, sliders. Physical things that control other physical things. Controls with mechanical linkages behind them.

Okay, sure - cables break. Rods bend. It happens. Electronic controls connected to electronic actuators via wires are lighter and cheaper to install. I get that. But you know what else? I don’t think I care much.

If I want to turn on the AC in my car, I push a physical button. It goes click, not because a teeny electric motor inside the touchscreen gave it a little thump, but because a mechanical switch inside closed the circuit. *click*. I can operate it without looking because I can feel it, it’s a distinct feature on the instrument panel that doesn’t need eyes. You can fee the difference between the instrument panel and button. There are edges. And if you just go pushing at stuff you’ll eventually feel the click and know you’ve done it.

Lights? Got a knob for that. Two clicks.

Radio? Push the button and turn the knob. Click, twist. When Quiet Riot comes up, twist some more because the name is better when it’s ironic.

These touchscreens sure do look slick and they make for a featurelessly stylish instrument panel when the car is turned off, but when the car is turned off I don’t really care what the panel looks like because I’m not going to be in it, and when the car is turned on I’m looking at the road. I shouldn’t have to LOOK at the instrument panel to know whether I’m turning on the seat warmers or the rear defogger.