My grandpa was a mover back in the 70s. He’d get this very specific beer shipped from the middle of the country to the east coast, hidden in the moving trucks.

The beer? Coors. Couldn’t get it here.

Thing is, Coors is shitty beer. Why’d grandpa go to this trouble?

Month or five ago, I walked past a beer display, and had a sudden stop and turn as I recognized a label I didn’t know where from.

Coors. Banquet.

It’s a very, very different beer. And it tastes just like the cans my grandpa used to slip micro-me as a reward for running his vacuum tubes through the tester.

This is what Snowman was haulin. It’s good stuff. If you’re legal, get yourself a six pack and settle down for watchin.

(It tastes... _like_ Sam Adams. Not unlike Sam Adams at least.)