Can I use this as an opportunity to post a non related question to be shared by someone with posting powers? I’m considering applying for some writing retreat opportunities, and the ones I’m looking at are all free. I know there are plenty of legit experiences, like the artist in residence thing the national parks do, but the lesser known options in my area (I’m in NC and I’m using this site, which itself seems legit ) ... Well, I don’t see how they are connected to anything that makes sense. Who are these people who invite artists to stay for free and feed them, etc.? Does anyone have ANY experience with free or scholarship experiences in these sort of places? Should I be worried the owners are freaks who will molest me in my sleep? Am I just worrying for nothing? If they were collecting money (add many do) I’d be less hesitant. It just seems almost too good to be true. Please talk to me, artsy people.