First thing I do on a new Mac is to change the default location where screenshots are stored. I’m in support, so I take a lot of screenshots, and they can quickly overwhelm your desktop. With a simple terminal command, though, this is easy to remedy.

First, fire up Terminal—just type in “terminal” into Spotlight—and enter/paste in the following command (don’t hit return, yet...):

defaults write location

At the end of this command, type in the path where you’d like screenshots to be saved. For example:

defaults write location /Users/me/Desktop/screenshots

You can also drag and drop a folder into the terminal window, after you’ve typed/pasted in the first command, and it will automatically resolve the path.

Finally, type in the following command to commit the new path:

killall SystemUIServer 

Or, you can just restart your Mac. Et voila: no more screenshots cluttering your desktop.