Sort of a car secret. Everyone knows that Crocket drove a Ferrari 365 Daytona Spider for the first couple years of the Miami Vice series. Everyone also knows that it was actually a fake Ferrari built on a Corvette chassis. But no one else knows this, until now. Well maybe 2 other people.

For a brief couple of seconds on the series premiere, Crocket is in a real Ferrari Daytona Spider. I noticed this one time when I was rewatching this episode, as I do every year on Philip Michael Thomas’ Birthday. The telltale windshield from the Corvette isn’t there like it is in all the others. That’s a Ferrari windshield.

I checked online and confirmed it was true, and that the car belonged to a producer or something and was the inspiration for the fake one.

Also, that guy ‘Leon’ walking past the car is Bubba from Forrest Gump.