It’s not a conspiracy, but it’s totally true!

My former neighbor was on the Ford design team for the new Bronco. One day, hanging out in my garage, he and I were having some beers and talking cars. I think he was a bit lubed up and decided to spill the beans about the Bronco project. He pulled out photos of the South African Chevy and said “this is where we got the idea and we’re just gonna copy that”. Needless to say, the next few days were really strange. My neighbor would ignore me when walking into his house after work. He seemed nervous and would yell things to me like “not now!” or “I don’t know you!” as he ran into the house. I noticed plain black Ford vans and Fusions with blacked-out windows sitting in front of my house from time-to-time. Then suddenly, within the following week, my neighbor was gone. The house was emptied out in the middle of the night and had a “for sale” sign out front. I never saw him again. However, while in my garage one day, I found a small note tucked into the CD changer of my Dodge Stratus. The note read “Destroy after reading” and went on about “if I’m ever missing then...”. I got bored so I never finished the note, but I threw it into my wood stove and went back to restoring my Hyundai Pony project car.