Some car-washing tips the experts will never tell you:

  • If your car doesn’t like being washed, try using warm water. You don’t like cold showers either, do you?
  • No matter how careful you are, the soap you use when you wash your car can dry out the paint and cause it to become flaky and irritated. A good moisturizing lotion will help prevent this. Unfortunately, nobody really makes car-lotion, but the people kind works just fine.
  • Mounting your car in a giant rotisserie makes it much easier to clean the undercarriage.
  • It’s common knowledge that toothbrushes can be very useful when detailing your car, but most people just stop there. To do a really thorough job, it’s important to floss too.
  • The whole job will be much easier if your car is relaxed. Try singing to your car as you clean it, and you might be amazed what a difference it makes.