Any time, ever, having to deal with Toyota dealer parts counters.
Me: Here’s a part number, I need it, I called you on the phone and you said you had it, in fact I’m looking over your shoulder and I see it sitting right there.
Them: Whats your VIN?
Me: I don’t have a VIN handy, look, I just need this exact part number, there are no variations, I have it in my EPC on my laptop, your website said you had it, you said you had it, and I can see it RIGHT FREAKING THERE.
Them: We can’t sell this to you without a VIN.
Me: FINE. [Calls pregnant wife, at work, asks her to walk to the parking garage in the rain, up 3 flights of stairs, take a picture of the VIN tag, SMS it to me]
Me: here.
Them: well, this part is for a TRD Pro. Your VIN says you have a Trail. They’re completely different vehicles. We can’t sell you this part.
Me: head explodes, walks out to showroom floor, gets VIN from TRD Pro sitting there, in full view of the parts counter, walks back to parts counter, gives them VIN, they take my money at a 40% markup over cost because supply & demand, and I walk out the door.
Them, later: send me maintenance reminders and recall notices for a car I don’t even own, for the rest of my natural born life.