Oh lordy... A place call Recycled Bugs in Lapeer (I think), MI. I needed a cam shield for my old Rabbit Convertible. EN motor, so any 8-valve part would do. Of course, I am a chick and have a 3YO in a stroller and a sleeping 5YO over my shoulder. First, I wait and wait and wait. Then, I finally get the counter guy’s attention.

me: I need a cam shield for an 8V.
him: No, you don’t. They don’t have that part.
me: fishes in pocket, digs out PN, reads it to him.
him: That is for a GTI. What motor do you have?
me: an EN, but it doesn’t matter, it’s an 8-valve.
him: I can’t sell you a part that won’t fit your car.
me: you never asked me what car I have.

It kept getting worse and finally I just said ‘look, thanks, but I don’t need it that badly.’ All of a sudden, he was willing to sell me the damn part.

I never went back to that place, and have been trash-talking them since then to anyone who will listen.