My AE86 is a total junkyard dog and has a lot of parts from random cars over the years. Nearly every trip to the parts store is a nightmare.

1. “Hur durr, corollas never came in RWD silly”, the most common one as suspension and some drivetrain parts are specific to the chassis. It confuses a lot the younger ones.

2. As a result of them making several FWD variants(FX/Sedan/Wagon/5-dr hatch, and a few RWD (Coupe and Hatch), I have gotten a LOT of wrong parts in the past decade. (Tie-rods, clutch, master cylinders, rear shocks (“No, computer says it uses struts right here! The computer is never wrong”), wrong length hatch supports, wrong alternator, etc. etc.)

3. Having to specify more than one model confuses some clerks. In my case, the bottom of the engine is from a 1994 Corolla, the top-end a 84/5 Tercel 1.5L. Certain gaskets are just different enough, to make it a hassle from time to time. Not to mention the various other parts from other cars used to replace obsolete components. (<2004 Dodge caravan cooling fan, external relays and electric bits from GM and Ford products, Ford E-DIS setup from a mishmash of Ford Contour and Escort parts.

4. See above, on the rare occasion I need a part now. Some dealer clerks want VIN numbers before they’ll look a part number up for a car I’ll never own.

I will say with the exception of one clerk a few years ago absolutely refusing to look up parts on my car because it was “too old for them to service”, the local Toyota dealer has been fantastic. They can still get a lot of odd trim bits/interior items. So Kudos to them.