Okay, the year is 2016, and i owned a Subaru WRX, 2005. We were in the process of fixing the car up. New timing belt, new clutch, and various other parts as we dug into it. Something we notices was the front axel boot was ripped. Ok, no big deal, we will get one from Autozone. I call, they ask me what car have, here is how the rest of that conversation went down:

Me”a 2005 WRX”

Him”Is that a Misubishi?”

Me”No its a Subaru... 2005 Impreza WRX”

Him”so is it a Mitsubishi”

Me”No...? (thinking hes screwing with me at this point) its a SUBARU”

Him”There is no WRX option”

Me”It will be labeled Impreza WRX”

Him”You sure its not a Mitsubishi?”


Him”That does not exist”

I hang up, and call my local autozone (i was doing the work in CT at my cousins, im from MA) I know the guy who answers, he looks at their data base, they have the part in stock at the place i just called. I have him give me the P/N.

So i call back place one:

Me: can you look up a P/N to double check you have it in stock?

him: What kind of car

Me: please can you just look up the P/N

Him: thats impossible (no its not)

Me: Fine, its a 2005 SUBARU IMPREZA WRX

Him: I dont see that, is it a misubishi?

I hung up. My cousin and the other guy we are with are dying laughing. We decide to go there. Walk in... and basically the exact same conversation happens... keeps telling me i own a mitsubishi. Finally we asked for the manager, got us the part in aprox 2 minutes.

As a side note, avoid the Waterbury CT autozone....

I did cut out some of this, but to put this in perspective, the first call lasted 20 minutes, the second about 10.