Okay, maybe not an actual auto parts store, but a local Goodyear franchise. I decided that time was crucial enough that I would forego Tire Rack and shop locally. I told the counter stooge which tire and size I wanted and he quoted me a price that was double what Tire Rack was quoting.

Me: “Uh, that seems a bit high.”

Jerkoff: “Well, (great big smile and condescending tone) that’s what these tires go for!”

Me: “Tire Rack has them for $86.”

Jerkoff: “Uhh, well, places like that . . . uhh . . . get tires that have . . . uhh . . . you know, defects. Like, production rejects.”

I could not believe what I was hearing out of this asshole. I told him I’d “think about it” and drove down the street to the mall, walked into Hudson News, opened a Car and Driver magazine, and got Tire Rack’s number out of their usual six page advertisement. I then went to the payphones (this was pre internet/cel phones) and ordered the tires on the spot. For $86.