I tend to favor grand-touring coupes more than any other style. Aston Martins, Jaguars and that BMW 8 Series Concept. These cars are a little larger than the petite, sporty coupes, which I think makes them a bigger easel for attractive shapes and lines. Their features are more easily seen and exaggerated because there’s just more space to do so.

I prefer GT coupes, too, and for the same reasons. There is a purity to these designs. Proportion is an important factor in good design.

My background is graphic design (and I’d argue, other realms including cars, architecture, etc.), in which we strive for what is known as “the irreducible minimum,” which means that if you add anything more to the design, it muddies the message, and if you try to take anymore away, the message is incomplete. When you’ve hit the irreducible minimum, it’s a beautiful thing. That does not mean that all designs have to look alike to have achieved the IR—each designer (or car company) has his own language or style, and you hire them for that.

Personally, I love the BMW E9s—elegant, and has held up well. I want one more than I want an air-cooled 911 (and that’s a lot!).