Clean, simple lines are always timeless, but too boring for my taste. Any Aston or Jaguar is beautiful, but forgettable because there’s nothing daring about the design.

What was that quote Clarkson peddled years ago, “there is no beauty that hath not some strangeness about its proportions.” If it’s perfectly proportioned, it’s timeless, but boring.

I actually think Lexus’ spindle grille will age extremely well. It’s too extreme to ever be classically beautiful, but all spindle Lexusseses’es will continue to look modern a decade from now.

Same as Chris Bangle’s designs: everyone bitched at first, but bought them hand-over-fist anyway, and now they look pretty damn restrained and handsome by 2018 standards. The E60 in particular looks 20 years younger than the Plain Jane E39 and could easily be mistaken for a brand new car by the uninformed public. You could even argue it looks more modern than the more restrained F10 that replaced it.