My first car that I chose (that wasn’t handed down to me) was a ‘94 Acura Integra GSR, that I bought as a beater with one paycheck while I could save up for a real car (‘05 Acura RSX-S). However, I loved that stupid thing so much I drove it for several years before it rusted away.

One day I was driving it up a hill to my girlfriend’s house (now wife) and it was overheating (radiator was leaking), and I couldn’t bear the thought of warping the block, so I pulled over in this guy’s expanded driveway and shut it off, and called my gf to come pick me up around the corner down the street. Left the guy a nice apologetic note on my windshield and that I’d be back to pick it up later that evening.

Lo and behold, he called me a left me a voicemail saying to “Get that JALOPY off my property! I can’t be seen with that piece of junk sitting in front of my house!”

Hoopty I could bear, but this “jalopy?” (It was actually my introduction to the word.)

Now when I peruse JALOPnik, it holds a special place in my heart :-P