Car: 2016 Corvette z06 (Manual/Laguna Blue/Aero package/Comp. seats)

Comments I’ve heard:
“You paid HOW MUCH for an american car?! You’re an idiot!”
“Sure it’s fast in a straight line, but you’ve got nothing on European cars when it comes to turns.” (I hear this more than anything else)
“You could have gotten a base model Porsche for the price you paid!”
“I guess Chevy hasn’t figured out that the future is with SMG/DCT transmissions?”
“I went to the track (drag) with my buddy and he blew the doors off a car that looked just like this one in his <insert car here>!”
“Hope you got the extended warranty on that American POS!”

Sadly, most of the comments came from Americans... I’m always amazed at how much hate it received from it’s home country!

That said, it still gets way more compliments and I love it more than anything I’ve ever driven, so F___ the haters!