The rudest and by FAR the strangest ever encounter I had regarding vehicles was at a Cars N’ Coffee in Colorado. It’s held on the 1st of every month and always draws a huge crowd, lets say typically 200+ cars fill the parking lot to the brim. I restored a 74' Datsun 260z to become a licensed BRE tribute race car from the ground up in my garage, I think it turned out well.

I sourced the livery, dimensions and everything through BRE themselves. I even got Peter Brock’s blessing and had the car entered in the BRE tribute program, complete with a signed certificate. I was thrilled...but anyways I digress.

I was at one of the monthly meets, chatting it up with the scene go’ers and the reactions are always positive. I usually strike up a conversation with them on how they had a Z in the past, or always loved the body styling, or wanted to know more about the build. However, there will always be ‘that guy’.

This huge dude comes up to me, takes a look over the car and curiously peeks inside to have a glance.

I can see a strange look in his eye as he turns to me and asks in a calm voice, “Is this yours?”

“Why, yes!” I exclaimed, anticipating a few questions regarding the car, eager to explain the labor that I have poured into her. However what happened next blew my mind. The dude just takes on an incredibly sour tone and opens with the line to the tune of “This is fraud and copy right infringement you know...”

I was just kinda dumb struck, and asked for clarification, but before I could finish my sentence, he interrupts me with his ramblings of “Did Peter build this car himself? You can’t call this a BRE, you stole this livery and printed it off. I own Indian motorcycles and know all about reputation and this is illegal! I know Peter personally and I will take pictures and send them to him to have you taken down!”

The world seemed to pause for a second. I was surrounded by a few other enthusiasts and we were all left speechless. I tried slowly explaining how this car was done officially through BRE but he was not having it. Scrambling around my car he continued a barrage of statements while taking photos with his phone to the tune of “I know Peter personally and I own indian motorcycles and you can’t do this!”

The conversation dragged on awkwardly for nearly 7 minutes...plenty of us telling this dude to bug off. None of us cared about his incoherent ramblings but finally he ran out of breadth and his breakfast burrito had been consumed. The man waddled away and again, a group of 7 adults just stood there questioning what we just witnessed. It continues to be an on-going inside joke with my buds to this day.