Blink. Blink. Blink.

Gawd my head hurts.

Where the hell am I? Is that the Eiffel Tower? Am I in Paris? Can’t be. This sidewalk is filthy. Strip club pamphlets and coupons for $2 “All you can eat” steak and eggs buffets.


That’s right, we were in Vegas. Me, Chad, Sarah, and Noah. Where are they?


We’d been in a plane headed for ‘Frisco (that’s what all the people in the know call it).

That lady. She’d been dressed like the rest of us, but seemed so fancy. Like a poodle in lab’s clothing.

My arm’s bleeding. Holy shit! Did she steal my blood?

Bzz. Bzz. I check my notifications on my Apple Watch Series 3 with the black webbing urban survival band. My mom gave it to me for Christmas.

I have to get to the “Great Companies Start Anywhere” session on the Startup Stage.

Thank God I’m right in front of my hotel. I’ll run in, have a mint vape to freshen up and get over there.

These questions will have to wait.

I’ve got networking, conversation, and industry disruption to do.