Here’s a few predictions for the US market:

1) Midsized CUV sales will plateau, small CUV sales (i.e. the Chevy Trax & Ford EcoSport) will dominate
2) Sedan sales will rebound slightly
3) Hatchback sales will increase noticeably
4) Big 3 will shift towards various hybrid powertrains for the base powertrain options (aka instead of selling you a Trax Premier and a Trax Premier Hybrid there will only be a Trax Premier Hybrid)
5) Late in 2018 we’ll see the first fruits of the Toyota/Mazda/Denso/Subaru/Suzuki/Hino/Daihatsu partnership that will dramatically reduce battery weight and charge time. AKA 2019 will be the year EV sales really start to take off, and 2020 will show dramatic growth