In 2018 we’ll see a continuation of a trend that’s been going on for long enough that we don’t even notice it- the continued improvement of all cars across the board- even the worst car on the market today is better than it’s best counterpart from 10 years ago.

The much hated Toyota Camry will continue to be a better car than anyone is willing to admit, with comfort, features and performance numbers that would have been completely unheard of just a few years before.

Electric will continue it’s slow march towards total relevance. Charging networks will continue to expand and some hotel chain with lots of locations on the great plains will finally realize that having charging ports available for electric cars will be a HUGE boon to their flyover state locations.

Hybrid tech will continue to get crammed into more and more cars but trucks will continue to resist but probably not for much longer.

David Tracy will continue to buy bits of rust held together with paint and prayers and we will continue to encourage him to do so.