In 2018 nothing will change as the automotive industry doesn’t work that way. Changes happen slowly, usually a 3-5 year cycle depending on what the change is. The other fact is that if only a handful of people will profit from a change then I can almost guarantee that it wont happen, greed is a group event.

Her are things that can happen this year as they are simple and many people can profit......

Uber will be bought out by a major company and turned into what it actually is, a global taxi company.

More progress will be made on autonomous vehicles but we still wont have a viable product for another 4-7 years. No one will buy them but they will be excellent for urban travel. I think cities will latch onto this tech as a way to save money. The sad part is that people will lose their jobs.

Tesla will become profitable and will do it even without fixing their numerous issues.

These things are just the first couple that jump to mind.