Importing a vehicle through Hi-Rev Motors LLC in Oveido, FL has been the easiest, cheapest, and highest quality car. I have bought 4 cars through them so far and have had no hassle getting documents or info. Other importers like Japanese Direct Motors have been lack-luster.

I bought an AE86 from Japanese Direct Motors under the confirmation that it was “not rusty” as they mentioned. I can see straight through the wheel well from inside and over various holes. The rear frame rails are rotted and non-existent as well. Took forever for them to fully give me the importation documents and even then, it wasn’t all the documents. Also turns out the car was originally a Levin (fixed headlight) and they swapped out all the JDM from end parts and sold them for USDM parts. They didn’t even wire up the pop up lights.

I bought a C33 Laurel from Japanese Classics LLC also. Inquired about the a/c not working and they said it ‘probably was the a/c control unit’. The compressor was obliterated. A very expensive part since we never got the RB20DET motor. The paint on the Laurel has to be the cheapest respray I’ve seen as well. Every square inch is cracking and peeling up.

Both cars mentioned above we bought out of state via internet ads and detailed pictures. No matter how detailed the pictures are, they can’t show you what the dealer doesn’t want you to see.

If you want a solid JDM import though, contact Frank at Hi-Rev Motors. He’ll get you what you want and for a great deal. No run arounds or anything.