Volvo, specifically RWD Volvos.

The owners tend to be friendly and sympathetic/empathetic, there’s always SOMEONE who’s gone through what you are, modifications aren’t frowned upon but originality is appreciated, aftermarket support -while somewhat limited - has some genuinely good-quality products (looking at you, IPD USA, for example), and the cars themselves are tough as nails. The cars also show their own personality, even if that personality is, “I like to trundle through life safely and being sure-footed”, or even “Hmm, I think I could attack that on-ramp apex with a dab more oppo and more throttle next time”, and even non-enthusiasts recognize the safe Swedish wheeled-brick/tank as what it is.

The FWD/AWD crowd is also good, though some are deliberately counter-culture (read: No German cars), but many are genuinely enthusiastic about these quirky and comfortable cars. Thankfully Subaru has attracted away most of the more-abrasive fan base, so there’s a distilled fanbase.

One of the things I miss most about my own Bricks was that culture. While my replacement daily drivers have been more reliable, there’s less personality to the cars themselves, and there hasn’t been that desire to reach out and bond with others.